Mar 162016

I am teaching myself to use Blender for 3D modelling. As a simple start I created a guided visualisation meditation. It is a relatively simple animation but posed quiet some challenges during drawing and animation. It took quiet a while to get the basics of 3D modelling but luckily there are a lot of tutorials available. The most critical part was to find out how to create the trail of light. After a lot of searching I finally found an example of the “dynamic paint” feature of blender. Once I got that it was relatively easy to use the disc of light as a brush which paints on the background. The next idea is to do something in 3 dimensions. Don’t forget to check out the meditation.

Feb 202016


Oben Links: Singing birds on a mimosa tree, Beni Hassan

Oben Rechts: Goddess Isis leasding queen Nefertari, wif of Ramses II, 19th dyn.

Unten Links: Akhenaton and Nefertari, his wife offering to God Aton. (18th dyn)

Unten Rechts: Wild ducks, sedges and papyrus, Akhenaten palace’s floor, 18th dyn.

Feb 192016

Game of Life

Etwas spät, aber besser als gar nie. Meine Kartenserie auf Neonemob: